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Our mission is to provide tools to assist you in discovering, exploring, and learning about your spirituality and your unique connection to Spirit. 


House of the Spirit believes our connection to the greater Source -- whether called God, Spirit, Universe, or something else -- is deeply personal; that there is life beyond what we know as death; and that we are here to share knowledge and learn from one another.


We are dedicated to finding ways to help people connect with the greater Source, and with each other as individuals; to open our hearts and minds so we may hear and see the precious spirit within one another.

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    About Us

House of the Spirit is a concept brought to life by Kass Hillard along with her daughter, Kali Adriantje. While very close and similar in many ways, Kass and Kali come to their own spiritual paths from different perspectives and life experiences. Staying true to the idea that spirituality and healing are personal and individual, each provides a unique take on the workings of the world and the universe.


Kass holds a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics from the International Metaphysical Ministry. She is an ordained minister, and has been a student of metaphysics for over 50 years. Before retiring, she was the owner and director of Reflexions Plus, a holistic healing center, where she practiced as a reflexologist, hypnotist, past life regressionist, and Reiki Master/healer. She has facilitated classes and workshops on these subjects, as well as psychic 

About Kass

development and mediumship at her own center. She has also offered these classes on cruise ships and at other holistic centers, including Echo Bodine’s Center for Intuitive Living. Throughout her career, it has been her pleasure to have hosted events featuring well known individuals such as Echo Bodine, James Van Praagh, Thomas John, and Mary Ann Winkowski, along with lesser known local talents for a variety of other events and classes.


She is an accomplished author, having published multiple stories, including a story titled "The Final Gift," which is featured in the #1 internationally best-selling book, "The Last Breath" from Franklin Rose Publishing. Her latest book, "Games Psychics Play" was published through Franklin Rose during the summer of 2021.


Kali is a certified copyeditor offering professional proofreading and copyediting services through Your Magic Words. With her many years of study and practice as a certified reflexologist, foot reader, Reiki practitioner, past life regression hypnotist, and intuitive tarot reader, her experience is well-tailored for 

About Kali

 those writing within the holistic, spiritual, and self-help fields. As a lifelong seeker, she has studied Eastern mindfulness practices,

aromatherapy, herbalism, shadow work, animism, various shamanic practices, and more.

From 2016 to 2021, Kali owned and operated a holistic healing practice in Allegan, MI. During that time, she founded a group called Flourish which was designed to assist those feeling

stuck in their creativity move through the blockages they were experiencing -- regardless of medium. As a practitioner, her focus is on assisting clients in strengthening their connections to themselves and their bodies to facilitate deeper and more profound healing. Similarly, her focus as an editor is on assisting writers in creating heart-centered connections with their readers. 

In-Person healing sessions are currently available in Southwest Michigan only. Contact Kali for more information.

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